Million Dollar Initiative

The Children of Destiny Foundation is kicking off its Million Dollar Initiative in 2023 which is designed to raise funds to meet the Foundation’s mission.  The Initiative is a 2-to-5-year plan intended to generate $1 million through donations, sponsorships, and partnerships with local businesses, individual philanthropists, and other community-minded organizations.  The Foundation will invest in local entities based on need and in conjunction with our mission.  Our primary goal is to minimize our overhead which will enable us to give more to programs we adopt and our scholarship recipients.  The following breakdown is how we intend to invest the generous donations we receive.


50%     Programs (Community Engagement, College Team, City Park Improvement, etc.)

25%     Scholarships

10%     Community Outreach (Advertising, Fundraising, etc.)

10%     Internship Program

5%       Administrative (Attorney, Accountant, Website, etc.)