Million Dollar Initiative

The Children of Destiny Foundation cannot succeed without generous partnerships from individual donors, businesses, and like-minded entities like you. We need your help! All our programs, scholarships and other investments are fully funded through your generosity and donations. Our Foundation is responsible for raising 100% of its budget.



The Children of Destiny Foundation is kicking off its Million Dollar Initiative in 2023 which will raise funds to meet the Foundation’s mission. The Initiative is a 2-to-5-year plan intended to generate $1 million through donations, sponsorships, and partnerships with local businesses, individual philanthropists, and other community-minded organizations. The Foundation will invest in local entities, provide scholarships, and offer internship opportunities based on need and in conjunction with our mission. The following breakdown is how we intend to invest the generous donations we receive.



50% Programs
Communities offer many opportunities for our youth to participate. Our Foundation wishes to partner with organizations that provide these opportunities through donations to various causes. We will offer competitive funding to these organizations to help them reach their goals and help our local youth reach their destiny. This could be in the form of a donation to local youth sports groups, veterans’ organizations, boys’ and girls’ clubs, etc. Additionally, our Foundation intends to adopt various community parks and help refurbish or refresh them to enhance our city and county.



25% Scholarships
Students and young professionals are often burdened with large debts after completing their degrees and graduating from college. Our foundation offers scholarships to students to pursue their destiny in academics, sports, trade schools or other activities. We want to provide a competitive scholarship opportunity for these future professionals to help defray costs of reaching their goals. If a partner would want to sponsor a particular scholarship in their name, we would arrange for that to happen.



15% Internship Program
Internships are an integral part of an organization’s success. Our Foundation offers internships in various areas of our operation and mission. Internships will offer highly motivated high school or college students an opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in their chosen field of study. We will offer modest stipends when available to assist young professionals in pursuit of their destiny.



10% Administrative Costs
Our primary goal is to minimize our overhead costs which will enable us to give more to programs we adopt, our scholarship recipients, and offer selective paid internships. The average administrative costs of running a non-profit foundation generally ranges between 15 & 20%; our commitment to our donors is to never exceed 10%. These administrative costs include advertising, fundraising, legal and accountant fees, website management and other normal day-to-day operating expenses.



If you have the desire to help a Child fulfill their destiny through our foundation, please donate to help our cause today! 

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